Storytellers Social Summit 2020

Storytellers Summit HandySends

Success Stories from the Top Digital Marketing Agencies of India on how they Grew Thousands of Brands through Social Media!

Directly from the Changemakers of the Indian Digital Landscape

Join, learn, have fun and explore the endless possibilities Social Media can offer for your Business.

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Meet the Best in Industry

In order to offer the best to the Marketing and Sales folks and rest of the Business World, we have invited some of the best speakers from across India to take us through their successful Social Media

Meet the Social Media Trends'20

From Meme Marketing to Re-targeting, find anything and everything under the spectrum of Social Media Marketing this World Social Media Day! Use Social Media to generate the best outcomes for your business with the topics handpicked by your Tribe Chiefs!

Meet the Tribe

The Storytellers Tribe is one of the fastest-growing communities for Sales and Marketing professionals across the globe. We’re uniting he whole world together and that will not be possible without you. Join us on
our quest!


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