The SMS/Email Marketing and Communication Blend

Today, we'll talk more about integrating SMS into a markcom strategy that will help reach more customers.

06/11/2019 By HandySends
HandySends Blended Email Communication with  SMS / Marketing  Emails

HandySends Blended Email Communication with SMS / Marketing Emails

The SMS/Email Marketing and Communication Blend

Email marketing and communications can be an effective tool for your business. But what if it’s not reaching as many people as you want to reach or doing it as effectively as you would like? This is where SMS marketing can complement your email outreach and make sure your communications reach your clients.

Let’s face it. Your customers probably receive a lot of emails already.  They also may not use other platforms you are using for marketing, such as Facebook. Your transactional emails, such as password resets or appointment reminders also might get lost in the spam folder. By using SMS, you have yet another option to reach your customer and make sure vital information doesn’t get lost.

Crafting the Message

You might already be using a tool that will allow you to integrate SMS messaging. You might add a shortcode prompt (your SMS phone number) to an email campaign to drive customer interaction. You might also integrate via an SMS API. However you integrate SMS messaging, you should be sure to make sure that the message is clear and succinct. It might be convenient to reuse your email message you are sending out, but it might not be clear to the user, as the text limitations might cut off vital information.

Effective Uses of SMS/Email Messaging

If you’re not currently integrating an SMS strategy into your marketing campaigns, consider some ways it might help reach more customers. We’ve outlined a few effective uses of SMS to consider:

  • Reminding potential customers that an offer that you sent out via email is ending soon.
  • Sending people a location to meet up at based on an email you sent out about an event.
  • Surveying customers to get more information about product satisfaction or pricing.
  • Following up with potential leads who are interested in your product or service.
  • Sending a brief text message encouraging your customers to sign up for an email newsletter tied to their specific interests.

Creative tactics like these provide marketers with new opportunities to initiate and continue rewarding customer conversations. If you currently are not using SMS in your marketing campaigns, you can check out Twilio’s SMS tool and can currently send 500 messages for free (



Make sure you use an email you can access.