Setting Up Email Infrastructure with HandySends

“A Dedicated IP address is one point which takes the responsibility of email sending reputation”

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If you're planning to outsource your email infrastructure to a cloud-based solution to handle all your business email communication comfortably. To keep up your expectation we at HandySends make the account setup easy and formal. This article covers all the things about your email program. You’ll find :

  • Rules you should follow while setting up  Infrastructure
  • Next steps  to send emails when you are ready 
  • Where you can go  when you need help 

How will you send an email?

Sending emails is based on the model of infrastructure you choose as per the business needs :



HandySends  REST API powered by Twilio SendGrid helps in sending emails programmatically, this API is built on HTTP and returns JSON for straightforward implementation. After creating the account, you could use HandySends endpoints request to send email along with the content in the email. Then the request is processed and forwards the message into the recipient’s inbox and discloses you whether the message has been accepted or not.

We at HandySends hold unique and optimized tools that include open libraries in 7 languages with interactive API and easy clear step by step email flow that sends emails in 5 minutes or less.API is recommended to the senders as it is fast and easy to use.

SMTP Relay 

In connecting SMTP  to HandySends Twilio SendGrid you are required to forward separate information between the servers and swap the messages before the message can be processed and sent to the recipient’s inbox. It is a standardized email protocol that is used universally.SMTP is a preferred and advisable option if you are unable to use the API.

Marketing  Campaigns 

To send emails to multiple recipients you can use HandySends Twilio SendGrid user interface for uploading contacts, templates, Schedule email campaigns, and send bulk emails for all contacts. HandySends marketing campaigns help developers and marketers in creating the best marketing emails. Where the need to pull data is eliminated from multiple emails as they are sent from one platform that makes the overall email program a streamlined platform.

Determining your IP needs

After selecting the mode of integration and their use, you need to identify whether you need a dedicated IP Depending on the requirement of email sending one or more than one IP will be appropriate for the program.

HandySends Pro Plan is ideal for a business that sends 100000 and up to 1.5 million emails per month, offers a dedicated IP address.

“A Dedicated IP address is one point which takes the responsibility of email sending reputation”

Authentication Basics

After establishing an email infrastructure you are required to authenticate your emails. Email authentication encompasses all the validation techniques where it shows inbox providers that the actual email is coming from you. The three important authentication techniques  used are :

  • Sender Policy Framework record (SPF record ) -   The IP addresses  that are  allowed by the domain name system  (DNS) record are identified to sending emails with your domain 

  • Domain Key Identified Mail (DKIM ) - It  is a significant message  which ensures the message receiver to identify the original sender

  • Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting & conformance Record (DMARC) - It tells the inbox provider to allow, filter, or reject messages that are published by the record that fails SPF or DKIM authentication.

Warming Up Your Configuration   

Warming up of  IP addresses is very crucial, where spam filters and inbox providers warm-up as a whole sending configuration. Whereas today when we think of warming up they consider their Ip, DKIM, domain, and also the content. It is advised for all the senders to go through a warm-up phase to introduce your IPs domains and your message to inbox providers that they are important and required addresses.

Segmenting Your Email

Segmentation of email ensures correct email delivery, it is a step of separating the types of emails into two different holds:

  • Promotional Messages -  Announcements, Newsletters, Discount offers, etc.

  • Transactional Messages -  Account notification, Password reset emails, receipts, etc

Sending all emails from one IP and one  “from” address could be difficult to handle because customers unsubscribing from promotional emails may end up not receiving the password resets they wanted and needed. To prevent this it is recommended to create sub-users within HandyS TwilioTwiio SendGrid account and add another IP address. By doing this you can send promotional emails with different Ip addresses and transactional emails with different IP addresses.

By separating the email streams you can hold a good sender reputation and prevent recipients from missing out on important messages. You could add as many sub-users and IPs as you like.

Address Collection

People start collecting email addresses from different platforms to beginning their 

email campaigns where they collect email addresses from social media or the previous business. These practices show negative effects on infrastructure as these people on the lists have not shown any interest in your email programs and may not have any interest in your service. The best thing to do is to grow your emails from roots and set certain expectations. Follow certain rules and best practices.

Get that Help You Need 

HandySends Twilio SendGrid blog helps in correcting deliverability rate by answering all the problems about it and other email questions. You may have also to below resources listed.


HandySends Twilio SendGrid blog is continuously updated with best practices, trends and email examples visit the blog to know more about the email best practices, product, and technical questions.

Knowledge Center 

HandySends knowledge center has all the things that are needed to get your email program to the ground. By using the information given or could simply use the search option to find the best answers to your all questions.

Expert Service

Partner with experts to work effectively and efficiently with the in-house team email experts. Configure the customer account architecture and IP warm-up plans based on your unique sending needs.


There will be 24/7 expert support capable of answering any issue related to HandySends email account with step by step help and support from creation to building and delivering the emails. You can contact  HandySends Twilio SendGrid support any time.

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