Password Reset Email Message Examples & Deliverability Tips

Password Reset Email Message Examples & Deliverability Tips


Hey, all designers and content writers – are you on the verge of creating a new password reset email or updating a new email? If your answer is yes or partly yes–you must read this article for we have put together few most important pieces of information that you must be aware of, things you must refrain from doing, and careful insights that will help you to effectively draft and craft the easiest and effectual password reset email template.

I have many times pulled my hair thinking what was the most secure password I did set for my email since I am amongst that intellect human who would always create “alpha, numeric, symbol” password–well what that means, a password which is created with alphabets, numerical and symbols. So it is a daunting task for me to recollect since they are also arranged in a unique sequence to ensure maximum security–and look now the creator has forgotten the password and has to unwillingly click the reset password option. Irrespective of how creative I am, I failed to remember the password shows how inefficient I am in remembering the password.

Passwords are utterly important as they are the key to our lock for accessing our emails or apps. Having said that, reset password resides in the transactional email segment. These are usually asked and requested by the user and do great significance and information. Have you ever wondered what be an ideal password? How it should be formulated? What it should represent?

In this read below, we have brought to you carefully selected best practices which if you keep in mind will help u\you and also improve deliverability to make sure the email reset password emails must land on the recipient’s mailboxes.

Smart insights–let’s learn why email reset password is important

Email Link for resetting your password

A reset email password must contain options, instructions, and simple steps for the user to set his password. How to create the perfect email content and what one should include in the reset email–We must make sure that we use any generic physical password. Whilst you read the information below that we have put together for you to have a better understanding of the subject–the most pertinent observation is not a single example we set below has a password included, what is done instead is to use a link to reset the password. 92% of the users prefer to reset the password using the link option since it is secure and your email confidentiality is retained.

In the example screenshot, below there is a smart use of the Call-to-action button which helps you rest your password. The email also has a note asking the user if he wants to reach out to the support team to help him reset. Many enterprises often miss out on the password reset emails if send with an error, but the HandySends support team is always alert and takes a step ahead to fix the request as soon as it lands on the inbox.

Reset Password

Mention the brand logo and the Sender details :

Many times the email request that we receive is with a NO-REPLY address and with no mention of the sender’s details. This leads to doubts and trust factors. An email with no sender details or brand details often ignored and lands in the spam folder.

Mention your enterprise’s name clearly along with the sender’s details and coordinates. It is advised to position your brand logo right in the header section–this allows the receiver to know who has emailed and which company.

The HandySends email below has HandySends as the sender’s name, eg [email protected] is the address–all the important features that HandySends showcases including the logo give a clear and trust factor, hence the receiver click opens the email with no doubt in mind.

Reset password

A short and informative email hits the jackpot. The best password mails are those which connect and engage clients directly without making him/her wait and look for information on the sub-pages. Ensure the reset password emails are ‘focused’ to the point and with less content.

Over-crowding content is a strict no-no.

The email screenshot below is a clear example of how straightforward you need to be while you define the subject line. Keep it as simple as possible–something like “Reset your password now”. The moment your email is received and clicked open the subject line is visible–right at one go-You get to understand the purpose of the email and just click the option and get your work going.

Any email sent on behalf of the enterprise is the brand promoter, hence keep it simple with an attractive Call-to-action, visible brand logo, and the navigation menu within your glance.

Try and ensure smart and clean language, and do not keep many headers /banner text. The purpose is to reset the email password and it can be explained in the simple format as the one shown below.

Recommend: Before emailing password reset mail, make sure you conduct email testing both on your handheld device and laptop/iPad, so you are sure about the email experience your client will go through.

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email message


Some brands and enterprises send confidential information–we highly recommend, you attach /include a timestamp on it so you can avoid misuse. Create a timestamp on your password reset email link.

The email example below specifically mentions that the link will expire in the next 10 minutes. Alongside, the password reset email must have clear information on the feeds and requirements. In case the recipient receives the email link and does not know what to do next, the effort will be futile, hence include the steps or requirements specified in the email’s body.

Password Reset

Best User Tips for Transactional email deliverability

If you have received all the details as requested to complete the email reset procedure–what are the key things you will keep in mind?

What is the guarantee that the email will rightfully hit the recipient’s email box? The customer care department will receive frantic calls and they might not have the right answer to give the client-which further adds to the woes of the customer.

The emails aimed to hit the recipient’s mailbox must reach their target and are not redirected to another black hole such as SPAM or redirected or deferred.


  • Never include a heavy attachment with your email
  • Avoid including heavy images that are not acceptable by some ISPs and are redirected to SPAM
  • Try not to include promotional materials with transactional email
  • Monitor the behavior of the major streams, make sure it sends login credentials as this results in a higher delivery rate and higher sender score.
  • Choose a dedicated IP address–they permit you to achieve a high sender score
  • Use your brand logo in the header section
  • Check the email address for genuinely
  • Do not miss using complete sender’s details

Many other smart inputs help us understand the behavior of email deliverability and its benefit, explore our recent post on Email deliverability.

Are you all set to reset?

5 things you must not forget else your email will be a forgetful issue

  • Ensure your email is small and short
  • Try and include a link and not a physical password
  • Keep subject short and precise
  • Set a time limit for them to action
  • Your brand must be visible.

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