FREE email Services @HandySends for we CARE!

FREE email Services @HandySends for we CARE!

We request you allow us to partner with you in developing emails that are dedicated to COVID-19 awareness, prevention, and local resources nationwide. This would include best practices for prevention and helpful tips and tools for individuals, corporations, and businesses. We wish to roll out the above and continue to enhance and update as many individuals as possible on an ongoing basis.

At HandySends, we also withstand to help each and every individual find timely and useful information through our emails, mailers, and Newsletters. Right now on our website and all digital platforms, we’re promoting the “FREE EMAIL CAMPAIGN FOR 1 MONTH” to raise awareness of humble measures we all can take to slow the spread of the disease in line with the instructions from WHO. 

Let’s take CARE of each and every individual of this wonderful Planet 

Across all of these initiatives, we’re focused on the influence the disease is having on our communities. That includes our own workforce. We’ll continue to make sure our workforce becomes your extended resources and can globally contribute to humanity at this critical hour.

We wish to join hands with you and help you serve this great responsibility to assist. We’ll keep doing everything we can to deliver on our collective mission, and spread the “Message “that matters most in all formats. 

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