Email Marketing In 2020: A Complete Guide

Email Marketing In 2020: A Complete Guide

Email Marketing all these years has been like 12-noon check in check out: an archaic marketing method that persists only because no one has thought to change it.  

When online marketing first began to offer options such as email, sending the newsletter, it was considered a ‘luxury’ for all those who were tired of writing letters and posting it and then wait for the other person to write back- and inform they have received sounds melodramatic,-ain’t it – well how long it took is another story and something interesting to note.

Year on year this inertia is moderately focused by sensible Email Marketers, who are extremely occupied and involved in the billion-dollar business globally.

Today, many of us do not write manual mails, or send postcards, and don’t need these, since the internet and Email Marketers have together made things feasible, easy. But what is eminent is Email Marketers have become modern-day ‘saviors “, both for micro and macro brands”

The crucial problem is that most companies never fully use the facility or services so the efforts of the Email marketers simply end up being wasted. Email marketing is not alone in the big digital world, whilst we feel skeptical to even mention the word since the word itself is highly overwhelming. With thousands of email marketing brands to choose from, it is an uphill task to decide which one is a cookie-cutter brand and which one is the right one for you.

“To top that, not every Email Marketing brand has the right marketing tactics and skill to deliver. 65% of the email marketing strategies require calculative investment, which means you must put in extra effort, time, and additional resources to back them. Whereas other strategies accord a superior return and yield more treasured, long-term outputs than other “

This gives rise to a different question – What is it that we need to know about Email Marketing? Why is it the most talked-about channel in online marketing? How can you and your company benefit from Email Marketing? How will you position your brand through email marketing so your potential clients opt for you as their chosen email marketer amidst your competition?

Keen on exploring some of the most admirable tactics which makes your email look good on your inbox.

If your answer to any one of the above is yes? You have landed exactly where you ought to be.

This article is intended to explain what Email marketing is and how impactful it is making a decision to opt for the right email Marketer.

Do you know what your brand objectives are? How you have set your potential lead milestones? What are your aspirations? Are your email marketing strategies and execution plan ready? With all these questions in mind–let’s understand the fundamentals of why and ifs…

Understanding Email Marketing targeting In 2020?

Email Marketing

How would you describe this channel of marketing? Interestingly, email marketing is something that everyone understands, yet very few have clarity.

Email is the most flexible and convenient way of sending and receiving mails electronically, which was invented by Ray Tomlinson in the late 1960s. It took close to 18 years for email marketers to incorporate a digital strategy and implement email marketing as a full-fledged marketing tool. The idea rolled out from a personal desktop to millions of desktops, palmtops, and of late mobile devices and has over the years gained immense popularity and is dominantly the most effective marketing channel the same as the social media giants.

  • Email Marketing is one of the most influencing marketing channels that have over the years kept our business going, reaching out to real humans, building virtual networks, and help us sustain in this tech+age.
  • Email Marketing is something that goes beyond a personal note. Do note this is the only way we can share information and if the channel and medium are accurate, we will be able to keep our business alive and ticking.

Many of us still believe Email Marketing is simply sending emails or mass mailing–but in practicality, it is much more than that.

The answer might seem a little palpable: 

When you plan a marketing strategy, reaching out to your potential clients or new leads is the only thing in mind, now if you do not have the understanding as to how you can reach the mailboxes and that too in the exact format without losing its codes and images–you are into serious marketing arena- we are not just kidding. It might be a simple task to think that sending an email is just anybody’s job but in reality to drive the right mechanism and hit the target is altogether with a different ballgame.

Email Marketing is not what people know about your company, products or service.

It’s not a static set of characteristics to remember about you just by reading your mail. It’s not the content, design of the mailer, or creatives. It is an important component; if there is no email marketing you will not be able to reach the mass. 

This leads us to our next question. 

Why is Email Marketing so important and how it helps your business?

Why do you think we must emphasize more on putting higher energy and focus on creating leads and help you reach where you want to?

So what’s the answer?

Just imagine, you make up your mind to go for an Email marketing brand/provider and start to search and investigate the right brand, needless to say, you would not go by the brand name or the team that works at the backend–what stands out is how they present themselves, who their clients are and how they support their existing client and what do they say about them.

Now, what do you see in the Email Marketer that others do not have-what is it that makes one brand better than the other here brand means Email Marketer

We bring you TOP 5 benefits of Email marketing

  1. Automate Sales Cycle

Automating your Email marketing helps you gain a step ahead and plan. You not only automate your Sales Cycle but create touchpoints that might not be possible the manual way. Your organization highly benefits from using email automation tools since it helps you develop email cyclic movements, which automatically send emails to people on a systematic set schedule, this helps you create automatic connectors and build a professional relationship with customers by keeping them updated with information and more. 

Another advantage of the Automatic campaign is that it helps you to reach out to clients who just visited your website and left a brief note, you can reach back out to them through an automated message to make sure that their issues are answered.

  1. Maximize traffic to your website

Email marketers are known to build the bridge that connects you and your clients, who often do not exist in a manual world, it helps you grow traffic to your website. Primarily it allows you to link to significant website data within your email message or craft a persuasive Call to Action that prompts your readers to visit your website to take a specific action. If you want to make your Call to Action stand out for e.g., you may want to use a bright bold Banner, which makes it easy as possible for viewers to take notice and reach your website.

  1. Positive Emails patterns all 365 days

A recent survey shows we tend to check our mailbox at least 14-16 times a day whether it is our mailbox or on the professional work front. This happens at the same rhythm as we do with our social media channels. Almost close to 48.6% of the users and corporates tend to check their emails on their handphones–it clearly shows that there is an opportunity to reach out to your client since the reach is so dynamic. The traditional format of sending emails and not knowing where it has hit is now over, the audience is identified and regular emails create a touchpoint that adds to our benefit.

  1. More Leads More Conversions

The most striking benefit of using email marketing is that it accords the maximum conversion percentage of other marketing campaigns. Top reports stats show that the average order value of an email is at least double the average social media post. After emerging as an operative communique approach, your organization can drive more conversions through email marketers. By crafting a clear well-drafted email that ends with a clear CTA, your organization can inspire readers to take the next step in the consumer’s journey, touching them closer to become potential leads.

  1. Set Target for your Email Marketing campaigns

Additional benefits of using email marketing are splitting up. This not only allows you to subdivide or detach your email into a dissimilar grouping with pertinent features or benefits. Post this, you can start to distribute more besieged content to your viewers and potential leads. This increases accuracy and worth, which can boost more renewals.

Email Marketing

Although email marketing is a known name and has been continuously driving substantial outcomes for micro and macro businesses alike across the globe.

The last decade has witnessed email marketing approaches and plans have accelerated to be more thorough. The brands are not emphasizing being known and recurring or cyclic promotions only. What they highlight now are satisfaction and clear, concise representation that substances the spectators, their campaigns, and more.

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