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SMTP or API | Which one would you choose to send emails?

Raising a TOAST to the two most preferred options of integrating with, while sending emails.

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SMS and Marketing Email integration

SMS and Marketing Email integration can do a lot more than simply handling brands reach the right audience with seamless, connected experience.

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What is return path & how it works

Understanding Return-Path 

The word might sound intimidating, but brings with it an assortment of email adventure. The word return means “on its way back” usually back to the starting point. Since we are referring to Return Path in an email domain- we will stick to the email deliverability context. When an email is not able to hit the destined intended, the return path indicates a bounce notification or a non-delivery receipt...

On other occasions, the return path is also referred to as reverse path, an envelope from, and commonly bounces address among other names.

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What is email API & How it works

Reclaim and reconstruct your email marketing and communication strategies to gain customer engagement using email API.

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Interactive elements in Email Template

Interactive elements in the email template are like sparkled ideas that change everything. They simply lead the new wave on engaging and of influence.

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Email Design & Development

There cannot be a better option than the electronic media, to have a quick and apt mechanism, a message/statement that can reach the potential masses in a most effective way and in a minimum amount of time.

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